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In brief

Digestive problems (colic, reflux, constipation…) are common in the first few months of life. An estimated 60 to 70% are affected by more or less severe digestive disorders, often related to the immaturity of the digestive system. These disorders usually come with more frequent crying: 40% of mothers in France are faced with the incessant crying of their child caused by digestive discomfort.


of french mothers face constant crying of their babies because of digestive discomfort


of mothers satisfied with the benefits of Calmosine Digestion 3 studies carried out by the Institut des Mamans on 3,570 parents (2012, 2015, 2017).


of the mothers satisfied by the benefits of Calmosine Digestion 3 studies realized by Mum Institut with 3570 parents (2012, 2015, 2017)


Described in more than 400 scientific publications, strain BB12 is the most highly documented Bifidobacterium in the world.

The LOVE massage

Develop gentle techniques to soothe and relieve baby.

Massaging your child’s stomach whatever their age soothes and comforts them. A technique has been developed in collaboration with Dr Bargaoui, paediatric gastroenterologist. Draw the letters “LOVE” following the natural curve of the large intestine. This massage triggers colon motricity and naturally evacuates gas.

This questionnaire, devised in collaboration with Dr Marc Bellaiche is a colic diagnostic and monitoring tool for paediatricians. It offers a standardised assessment of crying and digestive discomfort in infants, while taking the emotional state of parents and quality of life at home into account.

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We are committed to ensuring that the plants used in our products are grown and harvested by farmers committed to quality and respect for the environment.

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