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Calmosine [MICROBIOTIC] CLQ is a food supplement made up of the probiotic strainBifidobactérium animalis ssp. Lactis BB12® which helps protect flora balance in infants and children. This probiotic is documented for its properties and good tolerance in infants and children.

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  • From birth on

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The digestive system is home to multiple micro-organisms representing 1 to 2 kg of our bodyweight, known by the name gut microbiota. This microbiota appears at baby’s birth and develops throughout the first years of life up to the age of 3 to 5 years. It contributes to our body’s healthy function, digestion especially. It is therefore essential to help it to develop.

By protecting intestinal flora balance, the strain BB12® in Calmosine [MICROBIOTIC] CLQ helps soothe infants.

For preserved digestive balance

Shake well before use

Take 6 drops / day in a single dose

1 bottle represents a 21-day course, which can be repeated for as long as necessary

Our tip: You can use a small spoon to make it easier to administer Calmosine [MICROBIOTIC] CLQ to your baby.

  • Can I dilute the product in a bottle?

    We do not recommend adding the drops directly in your baby’s bottle. It is an oily suspension (fatty substance) which does not mix properly with water in the bottle. The solution may also stick to the sides.

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Well known, Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. Lactis BB-12® is used in food supplements around the world since 1986.

This is the most highly documented Bifidobacterium in the world. It has been described in over 400 scientific publications and has been covered in more than 200 studies on the human population. Scientific research supports its usefulness in gastrointestinal functions especially. In different studies, Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. Lactis BB12® has been associated with a significant decrease in agitation and excessive crying in babies and with an improvement in quality of life for their parents.

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We are committed to ensuring that the plants used in our products are grown and harvested by farmers committed to quality and respect for the environment.

  • Made in France
  • Natural Origin
  • Formulated for children