Calmosine [MICROBIOTIC]Transit


Calmosine [MICROBIOTIC] Transit is a food supplement which helps improve transit thanks to tamarind. The probiotic strain Bifidobactérium lactis LAFTI®B94 is documented for its properties and good tolerance in infants.


  • Sachets to dilute

  • High fibre content (carob, acacia, inulin)

  • From 6 months

  • Dual action: fibers & probiotics

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An infant’s digestive system, which is still developing, is sensitive to its environment: dietary changes (low fibre intake or lack of hydration), joining a nursery, medicinal product treatment etc. Very often, this leads to constipation, a genuine source of stress for parents.


Calmosine [MICROBIOTIC] Transit is a natural food supplement with dual action which helps improve your baby’s transit:

– Helps promote transit thanks to tamarind: our formula provides 50% of the recommended daily fibre intake (carob gum, acacia gum, inulin).

– Helps preserve intestinal flora balance, thanks to the targeted probiotic strain LAFTI®B94. Contains a prebiotioc fibre, inulin

For preserved digestive balance

Calmosine [MICROBIOTIC] Transit can be given to babies, from 6 months when food diversification has started.

1 to 2 sachets per day, to dilute in a drink or yoghurt

For as long as necessary

At the first signs of constipation

  • When to administer Calmosine Transit ?

    There is no specific moment to administer Calmosine Transit. However, we advise you to give the sachet(s) as early as possible in the day, therefore as of breakfast for example.

  • How to administer Calmosine Transit ?

    Pour the 5 ml dose into the graduated dosing cap, the contents of which can be administered directly or into a bottle teat. You can also use a special teat available in pharmacy.

  • How many times a day can I give Calmosine Transit ?

    Calmosine Transit is presented in sachet with very soluble powder. The dilution of the product can be done in a drink such as water or milk. But you can also dilute Calmosine Transit in a yoghurt or a compote for example. As a reminder, the product has a neutral taste, so it will not be disturbing when taken by your baby.

  • At what age can I give Calmosine Transit to my baby ?

    Calmosine Transit can be given as soon as your baby is 6 months old and has started to diversify his diet.

  • Do I need to adjust my baby’s diet while taking Calmosine Transit ?

    It is not necessary to modify the food of your baby. The formula brings fibers because we know that it is one of the principal reasons in the concerns of transit. Our dosage was studied to contribute to reach the daily recommendations, in complement of the food.


    You can completely supplement the catch of Calmosine Transit with hygienic advice such as a food rich in fibres, a change of water, milk or massages to relieve the transit of your baby.

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Carob, especially carob seeds, are high in soluble fibres which are better tolerated by the digestive system.

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Tamarind is a tree from the Fabaceae family used as mild laxative to promote intestinal transit.

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Acacia gum

Acacia gum, a great source of fibres, is documented for its usefulness in transit disorders and for its good digestive tolerance.

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Well known, the probiotic strain Bifidobactérium lactis LAFTI®B94 is documented in gut health. Scientific research backs its usefulness. In different studies, the use of Bifidobactérium lactis LAFTI®B94 has been associated with a significant improvement in occasional transit disorders in children and adolescents. This effect is increased in combination with inulin.

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We are committed to ensuring that the plants used in our products are grown and harvested by farmers committed to quality and respect for the environment.

  • Made in France
  • Natural Origin
  • Formulated for children