A family history handed down from generation to generation

Convinced by the curative potential of nature, it is as early as 1920 that Doctor Ducroux, pharmacist, develops the first solutions for the pains of the infant which will become Calmosine.

1996 :  History passed on from generation to generation within a family of pharmacists

Convinced of the healing potential of nature, Doctor Ducroux, pharmacist, created Calmosine Digestion in collaboration with paediatricians: 1st 100% plant-based solution for naturally relieving digestive disorders in little ones.

2015 :  Development of the Calmosine range

Calmosine develops a natural solution to soothe sleep disorders and improve the quality of sleep of babies and their parents.

2018 :  Further development towards the mother

Calmosine Breastfeeding is formulated in collaboration with and with the support of midwives. This unique formula supports lactation while maintaining the breastfeeding mum’s energy levels.

Décoration plante 1
Décoration plante 2

Development of the Calmosine range

In 2020, the Havea group, with the aim of strengthening its position in the baby care market, is buying the Calmosine brand. By combining the expertise of its Biolane brand in hygiene and care and that of Calmosine in phytotherapy, Havea will become the reference player in the Babycare market with a holistic vision of natural health for young children.


In 2022, Calmosine expands its range again and launches lactic ferments in order to meet the needs of young children. Calmosine launches 2 new products for infants and children. Calmosine [Microbiotic] IMM, a dietary supplement based on lactic ferments to strengthen baby’s natural defenses. As well as Calmosine [Microbiotic] CLQ, a food supplement that helps to preserve the balance of the flora of the infant and the child.

An international development

The growing reputation of the brand encourages it to develop internationally with committed partners.

We are committed to ensuring that the plants used in our products are grown and harvested by farmers committed to quality and respect for the environment.

  • Made in France
  • Natural Origin
  • Formulated for children