Calmosine Breastfeeding

Single doses

Calmosine Breastfeeding is a food supplement with plant extracts (fenugreek*, passion flower and rose hip), magnesium and biotin (= vitamin B8) for promoting lactation* and the mum’s well-being.

  • Single dose format

  • For the mum

  • Formulated with the support of midwives

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The benefits of breastfeeding for babies and the mother have been proven scientifically, and breastfeeding is recommended by the WHO up to the age of 6 months. When breastfeeding is chosen, it can also be a great adventure to experience with your baby. Nevertheless we know that this choice involves frequent difficulties: insufficient milk production, fatigue, pain… This is why Calmosine has developed a 3-in-1 formula for comprehensive breastfeeding management.


Calmosine Breastfeeding is a natural formula with plant extracts which:

– Helps stimulate and maintain lactation

– Promotes relaxation and well-being

– Helps reduce fatigue

– Helps keep the skin healthy


With Calmosine Breastfeeding, 90% of mums are satisfied from the first week of use*.


*Sage-femme pratique – CALMOSINE BREASTFEEDING A survey of 60 breastfeeding mothers underlined its usefulness. Special edition October 2019

To support breastfeeding mothers

2 single doses to drink pure or diluted

For as long as necessary

Ready to use and easy to use

Our tip: Dilute the 2 single doses in a large bottle of water to match the increase in the breastfeeding mum’s water requirements.

  • Can I take Calmosine Breastfeeding before my baby is born to prepare for breastfeeding? From when can I take Calmosine Breastfeeding: before/after the baby’s birth?

    No, Calmosine Breastfeeding is not a food supplement for preparing for breastfeeding before the birth. Calmosine Breastfeeding is for breastfeeding mums. You can therefore take it from your baby’s birth to start breastfeeding off or otherwise take a course of 2 sticks/day for one to two weeks as required (decreased lactation, fatigue, stress, growth spurt etc.).

  • After how long can I see the effects of Calmosine Breastfeeding on my milk production?

    A quantitative, online survey by self-questionnaire was conducted in 60 mums of children age 0 to 30 days or older. They received CALMOSINE Breastfeeding for 2 weeks. The results of the study were:

    – 90% of mums are satisfied from the first week of use,

    – 80% of mums recommend it,

    – 83% of mums feel less tired.

  • The fenugreek taste is too strong for me, how can I mask the taste?

    You can dilute the sticks in a large bottle of water in the morning and drink throughout the day. This will give you a drink target. You can also add it to a smoothie, a yoghurt or even fruit juice.

  • How long must I take Calmosine Breastfeeding for?

    Our product is enough for a 7-day course, but it can be repeated as required.

  • Can I give Calmosine Breastfeeding to my child?

    No, Calmosine Breastfeeding is formulated for mums wishing to breastfeed as it promotes lactation and well-being. It should not be given to your child under any circumstances.

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Fenugreek is a plant from the Fabaceae family known for a long time to improve lactation. It helps stimulate and maintain milk production for efficient breastfeeding. Fenugreek also promotes recovery after the birth.

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Passion flower

Passion flower is a plant from the Passifloraceae family traditionally used to promote relaxation, especially when feeling stressed. Passion flower helps restore calm by easing tension, sensations of nervous fatigue and irritability.

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Rose hip

Rose hip is a plant from the Rosaceae family used for centuries to combat fatigue. Rose hip promotes vitality on a daily basis.

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Magnesium helps reduce fatigue and contributes to normal nervous system function (psychological functions).

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Biotin (vitamin B8) helps keep the skin and mucous membranes healthy.

Arrière plan conseils

We are committed to ensuring that the plants used in our products are grown and harvested by farmers committed to quality and respect for the environment.

  • Made in France
  • Natural Origin
  • Formulated for children